One bucket for Multiple Jamf instances

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Good Morning everyone,

we are currently upgrading to multiple jamf instances so the idea rised that we could use one AWS Bucket for multiple instances, i cant find anything related to this anywhere so is this a new idea(wich i doublt) or is it just not common. So please tell me why or why you wouldn't do it. i know that tools like jamfswitcher exist so i think there needs to be a reason why people don't do it...

thankyou in advance :)


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Not sure about logistics/technicalities of separate Jamf servers using the same AWS bucket, but if you are on-prem and have not configured AWS cloud DP yet, you probably won't be able to.

  • reach out to jamf support and ask them about PI-007369 - Jamf Pro with Java 11 fails to create the AWS DP.

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@jMohs I think it's safe to say that falls into the category of "Not a good idea." Jamf Pro doesn't look at the contents of the bucket to see what's available, but keeps a table in the database to track what's added/deleted from the DP, and you can't synchronize that across multiple JSS instances.

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Ok thank you guys we decided to do one bucket for each Jamf Instance!