Onedrive and Patch Management

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Wondering if anyone else has seen a similar issue. Recently I updated the package in our patch management for the onedrive application on our Macs to 19.152.0801.00007. We were running 19.103. I have some of our Macs updating to 19.174.0902 which looks like the insider version. Others are updating to the 19.152 version as intended. I opened word on machines with both versions of onedrive and selected check for updates and both were set to the production channel.

I uninstalled onedrive on my mac and installed the 19.152 package manually and after opening onedrive it updated itself to the 19.174 version.

I attempted to run the following defaults command to try to set the updates to the enterprise channel and uninstalled / reinstalled onedrive but got the same behavior.
defaults write UpdateRing Enterprise

I downloaded the onedrive package from the link at like I usually would.

All of my macs have had the same initial installation of office 2019 with our 16.23.19030902 with our volume license serializer package

jss 10.15.1 version
os 10.14.6





I think 9.174.0902 is no longer the insider version and Jamf just listed it in the patch management.
However, I can't find anywhere on Microsoft site to download this version installer.


Here is where you can get the different versions of OneDrive.
OneDrive release notes