OneDrive - automation

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I know there are a lot of topic about OneDrive.
The issues I run into:
1. ) The Plist.
Did anyone has an example that works for folder setup etc?
2.) AutoSign-in. Is it possible to sign in automatically? I use this for Office:
{OfficeAutoSignIn=true, OfficeActivationEmailAddress=$EMAIL}
3.) Linking folders.
I use the Script from this thread:

This script 100% works, but after the folders are linked they are removed from the Finder favorites.
I've been playing around with scripts to get the linked folders in the favorites again, but not much luck.


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Been looking into number #2 today and haven't found anything. Kinda disappointing that the setup works well for the rest of office but not OneDrive.
Also looked at re-adding items to the favorites bar after folder syncing and haven't found a straighforward solution on that either. Did you ever solve any of these @DennisMX ?