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Does OneDrive on MacOS work with the SSO, so if the OneDrive client is launched it does not ask for email or folder location.

Our Labs are domain joined, I can go to and it signs me right in so I know SSO is working on the client.

I have a plist for OneDrive configured in ~/Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.OneDrive-mac/Data/Library/Preferences/

It has the Tenants and Default Folder keys set

Yet when l load the OneDrive app it asks me for my email, asks for my password then asks for a folder location to use.

This Microsoft article has no special numbers next to OneDrive so I expect it to work with SSO.

Can anybody confirm that it does work?


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@dlawton82 Use a Configuration Profile to set your OneDrive defaults. The non-App Store version of OneDrive will definitely pick up tenant and default folder info from profile deployed settings.