onpromise Jamf Pro and Azure integration

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hello comunity,
we want to integrate our jamf pro with Microsfot Azure's indentity service and integrate our devices into itune. Our Jamf Pro is onPromise. I wanted to ask if any of you have already integrated Azure into an onpromise Jamf Pro. If so, where can I find the necessary information? At the moment I only found information regarding the Azure implementation in jamfPro hostet in the cloud


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A curious question (asking because I don't know, not to be snarky, forgive me if it sounds that way...) what's the benefit of having the devices in InTune if you're managing them with Jamf?

Hi ajaysutton

to integrate the devices into the Microsfot world and to use the following services:

- device compliance (for BYOD)

- Microsoft Endpoint Security

- SSO and Azure Indenty Service


I understand now.  Thanks!

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so we are using a on-prem JAMF with Intune Registration. SSO not but we are currently in the process to implement JAMF Connect with Azure Login for the clients. Works pretty smooth.