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I have inherited an Open Directory here at school that has no Groups, just one large Work Group of all the students, which is not condusive to removing graduating seniors. My summer plans consist of organizing this but I am unsure what it should look like. I am planning on grouping the students by graduation year. I also need to add Staff for new MB Airs. I was hoping to someone could post a screen shot of their Directory/Groups as a kind of template for me.


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Sound like you already have the users and they are all in workgroup. Your task is to create groups and add the users to the group you need them to be in. It will take some time , but this is the only way it can be done.4f5d8219e2bd4b43a3b8997968380b79

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So you don't have separate groups for students, or staff? Just one massive Westhall Group?

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Every environment is going to be different. It already sounds like you know what it should look like. You said you want to organize students by graduation year and to organize staff.

So you can start by making a group for each graduation year and put the kids graduating that year into each regroup that applies. Put staff into a group you create named staff.

If you decide you need another type of group for example to have users organized by building, you can also put them in those groups. And I am sure you already know this but you can have users in multiple groups at the same time.

So I guess the point is you're better off just thinking it through and making it how you need it to be instead of using someone else's organizational structure that won't fit you perfectly. :)

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Got it. Thanks.
Being new to this, I will follow your advice to "Think it through."

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I've done a lot of work in schools, and most of them follow your suggested approach of students organized by graduation year = groups, with staff in another group or groups (teachers vs. office staff are sometimes split apart).

What OS is your OD on? Workgroup Manager is no longer officially supported on 10.10.x/ 4.1...

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10.9.5/Server 3.2.1