Machines becoming unmanaged after 9.72 upgrade

Contributor III

Since upgrading to 9.72, we have a seen a steady trickle of Macs falling into an 'unmanaged' state. The machines still check in, and have the updated binary, but they show as unmanaged. They seem to fall into two groups:

  1. Showing unmanaged in JSS, when you check details the "Allow JSS to perform management tasks" box is unchecked. I can then check it and type in our management account username, the password is pre-filled.
  2. Showing unmanaged in JSS, and all inventory including basics like OS and Hardware are lost. If you Edit > General on these machines, the option to manage is not presented.

Enforcing management or running sudo jamf manage often yields 'Device Signature Error - A valid device signature is required to perform the action'.

Some machines re-enrolling works, others we get the Device Signature Error.

Anyone else seeing similar things after moving to 9.72?


Contributor II

I ran into this issue as well. I even posted it here:

I ended up having to generate a new Tomcat cert inside the JSS Interface and re-uploading our SSL Certificate.

Contributor III our issue seems to be a little different as we only saw a small percentage become unmanaged (less than 5%), and it happened at the time of our upgrade to 9.72. So far, the only fix has been to delete the computer from the JSS, then re-enroll the machine.

That being said, I generated new Tomcat SSL certificates on our JSS webapps, and even though they weren't expired yet, we are now seeing much better performance in terms of getting inventory from machines (before it would sit on submitting data to jss for minutes, now it is very quick). So thanks for that, it looks like we may have had an issue with the keystore as well.

I'm not convinced yet that the unmanaged machines are related to the SSL certs but maybe they are, hard to say. thanks again for the suggestion.