OpenDNS Umbrella for Web Content Filtering

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Is anyone successfully using OpenDNS's Umbrella service to push a VPN Profile to the iOS devices? If so, are you experiencing trouble with the VPN starting? Furthermore, do you have trouble with users turning off the VPN's "Connect on Demand" function to circumvent the VPN?
I am looking for ways others have handled these issues.


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Hi David,

Kara here from OpenDNS. I'm sorry to see that you're having some issues with the VPN - we'd be more than happy to help you get set up properly. You can fill out a support ticket here: Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything else!


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I have OpenDNS Umbrella, but mostly on the laptops only. Can you use OpenDNS and JSS at the same time (I thought they both installed the same type of management profiles?)? The few users that we tested it out on didn't turn off VPN to my knowledge.

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We have been using OpenDNS Umbrella for about 3 months, and we thought all was well until we discovered that the students were turning off the "Connect on Demand" in the VPN settings on the iPad. We did contact OpenDNS about that, and they said there was no way to stop them from having access to that "on/off" switch, so Umbrella is basically useless to us now.