Opinions on best way to configure the Apple Dock?


Hello all,

With some help from our community I've been using Dockutil for our elementary classes for a while (hint: I need help again). However, while I'm waiting and hoping for someone to enlighten me on how to apply dock changes using based on the Active Directory group membership of the logged in user, I figured I'd open up the conversation a bit and ask what methods you all are using and prefer to offer dock configurations to end users. My challenge is of course that as a PreK-12 school, we have very young users.

An alternative solution I'm thinking of is offering Dock Configurations via Self-Service using Jamf's built in Dock Policy. Apple has made it increasingly difficult for admins to administer (while making things safer to be fair). I still miss the remote desktop solution that was once part of the suite of tools. Here's hoping ARD continues to live (and work).