how to manual run one confiugration profile

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Would like to have advice.

i know i can do "sudo jamf policy -event" to trigger policy in jamf pro. but if i want to manual trigger one 'confiugration file', how to do that?





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Scope the configuration profile to a specific computer or computer group in Jamf. Or manually install the profile on the computer.

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You can either install configuration profiles automatically, or with a selfservice trigger. You cannot install configuration profiles from CLI.


It is possible to package a configuration profile in to a policy, and trigger that from CLI. However, this is a bad idea for many many reasons.

Thanks... i wish Jamf pro can do like this, to trigger configuration profile also... i give one example.. when i install trellix mcafee under policy, after install, it requires few macbook OS privacy settings, the user needs to manual permit but some options require admin rights. Yes, we do have trellix configuration profile, but somemore it won't kick in straight away after trellix mcafee installation done, it will take a while, so i thought if jamf pro can use CLI to trigger configuration profile, or the policy there can include the configuration file, it is better.