OS Sierra NetBoot - Doesn't works well

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I need a little bit help with OS Sierra as NetBoot!

At the moment, we use OSX 10.11.4 as NetBoot, it works well. We deploy it, with Casper Image. After we start the Image, he install the OSX and different programs. After a Restart he finish Image and install the last programs and scripts.

We created, for the our Standard Image, a Configuration. For the OS Sierra Image we want the same Configuration. I replace the OSX in the Standard Config with the OS Sierra DMG, which I create with "AutoDMG" and Start the Image.

The Issue is, the he only install the OSX but no programm or script. In the Status Bar I see the programm which he install but after the Image I only see the blank OSX.

What I do:

  1. Create a .dmg with AutoDMG
  2. Uploade the DMG with Casper Admin
  3. Replace the old OSX with the new OSX in the Standard Configuration.
  4. Create a new NBI with AutoCasperNBI

The Issues:
- No Programs and Scripts
- No Installation after Reboot
- Only blank macOS Sierra with a Account which I can not use.

Hope everyone can help me!

For more informations, contact me!