Adobe CC and error 16 - folder permissions

New Contributor

I currently do not have Adobe CC (Team version) setup in Self Service. What we did for a particular user (while i still figure out how all this stuff works) is when they logged in (they don't have Admin rights) we downloaded the Adobe CC App. The service technician entered the local Admin password to install it, then the user logged into the adobe app and downloaded InDesign.

The application ran once, and now when they launch it, they get Error 16, which according to Adobe is a permissions thing:

So then I logged into the Mac with local admin rights, went to those folders and set the permissions accordingly. Now when the user logs back in and tries to run the app, the same issue happens.

So my question is, if this is in fact the issue is there a "generic" script that i can use (and modify to my needs) that will allow me to set these folder permissions for the logged in user? I say generic, so i could potentially reuse it for other permission needed issues.

I have not tried yet to have the user log in, go to those folders and see if the changes I made as local admin even worked.

I did see this post which someone mentions my issue, but this appears to be trying to block users from running apps in this folder, not set permissions.

Any help is appreciated.