OS X configuration installed to iOS can't be removed

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I'm testing a Configuration Profile, built in JSS 8.71, that includes a cert and related trust settings, and wired and wireless network profiles to use AD machine credentials to authenticate Mac users. It works great.

One of my users took the .mobileconfig file and installed it to his (unmanaged) iPhone. Don't know what he thought he would get out of it, but that's what he did.

When I created the file, I didn't see anywhere to set the "Can delete" settings (since they're not relevant to OS X), but when installed, it's defaulting to "Never". I've backed up my own (also unmanaged) iPhone and inflicted the same treatment on it, and haven't been able to delete the profile. I can see a "Remove" button in iPhone Configuration Utility, but get "The profile could not be removed from the device" when I click it. I've tried importing the 802.1x profile to the JSS (iOS) mobile configuration profile editing pane, changing the security setting to "Always" and downloading the profile -- I wind up with two profiles.

Is there anything we can do that doesn't involve enrolling the phones or restoring from backup?


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if you create a backup and restore, it might not have any profiles..