OS X Yosemite and Jamf Netboot/SUS appliance


We are using 3.0.1 version of the Netboot/SUS appliance (haven't upgraded to 3.0.2 yet). Noticed an issue with Yosemite:

Symptom: When running a check for updates in the App Store app I get an error that says "An error has occurred Can't load data from the Software Update Server (our institution's fqdn of server here).

I found there was a discussion thread about this same error on the Google Group designated for Reposado developers: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/reposado/1qujRlsxYM4

Did confirm that the configuration profile we use to point our computers to the respective branch URL based on OS is set correctly based on the documentation for reposado for 10.10

I connected to our software update server, and navigated to /srv/SUS/html/content/catalogs/others and confirmed I don't see a Software Update Catalog file (.sucatalog) that includes 10.10, just ones for 10.9 and below so it seems that the issue is probably related to either Reposado being out of date or some other problem with it replicated SUcatalogs from Apple

Does anyone know if Reposado gets updated when you update the appliance to 3.0.2 to fix this issue? or better solution?

Any help is appreciated.



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Yes. The 3.0.2 update will handle 10.10 updates.