Updating Firefox- keeping saved bookmarks, but disabling auto-update (pop up alert that its time to update) feature


The way that I've been attempting to accomplish this task is by using Composer, starting a snapshot, installing Firefox, disabling the auto-update feature in Firefox preferences, finishing the snapshot, and creating it as a DMG. I then make sure that FEU is checked. This method has accomplished my goal of disabling the auto-update feature, however anyone that the DMG is pushed to will lose all saved firefox data such as bookmarks, saved pw's, etc.

I have tried pushing the same package without checking FEU, and the bookmarks were not effected. Unfortunately, this method does not disable the firefox auto-update feature on the computers that the DMG is pushed to.

Users have been getting a lot of popups lately informing them that it is time to upgrade Firefox because Firefox has been releasing updates nearly every 2 weeks lately. We want to completely stop the user from being notified that it's time to update FF.



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ESR and search is your friend


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I got around this issue using CCK2, it generates a series of configuration files that gets embedded into the Firefox Application Bundle. But made it very frustrating for something with a fast update cycle like Firefox, if I had to re-embed the configuration each time Firefox was updated. I got around the issue by creating a second configuration package, which essentially re-embeds the configuration files each time the Firefox Policy is run. So I could just re-package Firefox without modifying it, and the second package applies the configuration to it.

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Another trick, just in case the user/s replace the Firefox bundle is to catch it using an Extension Attribute:


Hope that helps