OSX AD Upkeep

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We have been using ADPASSMON and Kerminder to keep our users up to date with Active Directory. All of our OS X devices are bound to AD. I am thinking of going to Enterprise Connect but I am seeing a new app called NoMAD. Just wondering if anyone has any input on which direction to go? I am also seeing a trend starting of not binding to AD. My main issue here is that you have to create an account for every user that wants to use the machine then right? Currently we bind the computers via deploy studio and have had no issues. As it stand now once the device finishes and reboots its ready for the user to login and start using.


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We use EC and are happy with it. It cost $5500 one-time and requires a professional services engagement (included in price). We do also bind because of PKI, but our user accounts are local. Users create them themselves when they take delivery of the machine, shrink-wrap and all.

NoMAD looks promising and has come far in a short period of time. I probably would have considered it if I worked here when EC was obtained (though NoMAD was very pre-beta at the time). You can also purchase support for NoMAD.


We are very happy with EC. It's one of those products that just work and suits our environment perfectly.