OT Netbooting from Mavericks Server


Has anyone else had trouble netbooting from 10.9 server??? I recently upgraded(?) all my servers from Xserves running 10.6 to MacMinis running 10.9. I migrated OD, Mail, my JSS, etc. Most everything runs fine but I can't for the life of me get NetInstall from a 10.9 server to work. I set up the NetSUS appliance and the same .nbi's that I'm trying to boot from my 10.9 servers work perfect on the NetSUS. I'm not opposed to using the NetSUS, but it seems slow compared to the speeds I got when I netbooted from my Xserve. If anyone has any insight, I'd be greatly appreciative.

EDIT: Rebooted 10.9 server. It seems to be working now. Whoops.