OT-Splitting VPP Codes

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I have some vpp code spreadsheets with 800 codes and wonder how to split those between 10 sync nodes

I found the following, and wonder if anyone has experience on which way works better, where troubles arise?

Apple Discussions: Yes, there are two ways to do this.
1) just download the same spreadsheet into Configurator on two different Macs. They can have the same Apple ID or different Apple IDs. As each one installs apps, it tries the redemption codes in the list and skips over ones that have already been used.
2) Make a copy of the spreadsheet, open both in Numbers or Excel, and delete the first ten codes in one and the second ten codes in the other. Then import each into each copy of Configurator.

This is from Apple:
Purchasing VPP apps
Purchase VPP apps on the Mac where you will run Apple Configurator. Do not use the same VPP spreadsheet on more than one computer.
If you use the same spreadsheet on more than one computer running Apple Configurator, codes that are deployed on one computer will not be available on others.
If you are purchasing redemption codes that will be managed on more than one Apple Configurator computer, you should break up your purchase so that you download one spreadsheet for each computer.
If you already have a single spreadsheet that contains codes to be used on more than one computer, you can download additional copies of the spreadsheet from the Volume Purchase Plan website. Open each spreadsheet and delete some of the codes from each copy of the spreadsheet. Make sure that each code exists in only one copy, then distribute the copies to the Apple Configurator computers.
If you do not already have a copy of the app on your computer, use the first redemption code in your spreadsheet to purchase it in iTunes. After using this code, re-download the spreadsheet and import it into Apple Configurator again. This allows Apple Configurator to automatically reassign this code to one of your devices.