OT - Techtool Pro?

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Was just informed that we have purchased numerous licenses, and I'm supposed to evaluate & prepare training materials for our staff. I'm aware of the program, but have never had cause to use it. Anyone have experiences with TTP to pass along?


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I have used it late 90s and early 2000s. It was a good hardware diagnostics tool then. But not sure what the recent version is capable off.

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Used it in the past but with modern techniques like putting the users data on another disk with fstab & the speed of imaging. I found it quicker and easier to just to rebuild in 40 minutes!

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That seems to be what I'm hearing around the web too...that it was useful once, but now not so much. Seems like a lot of functionality that is replicated already, between Casper & Apple's existing tools. Unless I hear something really interesting about it, I'm going to recommend shelving it. (I don't know who recommended that we buy it...)