OT: Unable to create new folders on SMB share from Save dialog


My users are experiencing an issue when connected to an SMB share
where they cannot create a new folder from the system Save or Save As
dialogs within applications. To be specific, clicking the "New Folder"
button or Command+N gives a permission denied error:

You can't save the file "{NAME OF VOLUME}" because the volume "{NAME OF VOLUME}" is read only. Try saving the file to another volume.

However, if the user browses to the same path using Finder they are
able to create new folders.

The first thing that jumps out is that the application reports the
name of the destination as the desired file name. That is to say if
the shared volume is [server]SharedAccountingDepartment and the user
tries to save a Word document titled, "Important File", the error
message will report "AccountDepartment" as the intended file name rather than the name of the open document.

Again, browsing to the path in Finder does not produce any errors.

The shares are on a mix of Windows Server 2003 and 2008R2, some
mounted directly, some via DFS. Using cifs rather than smb has no
effect; the result is the same regardless of the combination of
variables here.

Users are granted access to shares via Active Directory security
groups. The typical AD structure is two groups per share, one with
read-only privileges and one with read/write privileges. Permissions
are propagated down from the root of the share. All tests have shown
that users granted write privileges to any share cannot create folders
in the Save As dialog.

Has anyone seen similar behavior before or have any advice?


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We have seen it. Hopefully it will be fixed in next Mac OS upgrade.

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Which OS X version(s) are you using?
We are seeing similar problems with DFS shares and 10.7/10.8, 10.6 has less issues.