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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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How does your environment deal with Keychains?

We are currently in an environment with an ActiveDirectory backend, as part of a network that was once primarily a Windows atmosphere. We have an interesting divide, being part of a school district—the majority of teachers use MacBooks, while distric...  View more

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Download & Install SUS Updates on a Schedule

All Now that I have JAMF ramped-up in full production mode, I'm now planning a way to update/patch my ~300 managed Macs on a regular frequency. My company has a monthly IT mainintence window one weekend per month, that gives IT carte blanche to push-...  View more

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DeepFreeze Imaging Workflow

Hello all, We are imaging some laptop carts with deepfreeze and I was interested to see if anyone had a workflow for this that worked for them. I am running into a problem where I have some scripts that run after reboot that are not actually affectin...  View more

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OneDrive sync issues solved

I noticed that whenever a client switches to another network then the OneDrive client stops syncing and doesnt really start to work until the app is restarted.I solved this by running a policy with a script that simply just restarts the OneDrive app ...  View more

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Casper Remote 9.82 - Restart to Netboot not working

Has anyone else seen this issue? We recently upgraded from 9.81>9.82 and now we are unable to remotely Netboot any Macs via Casper Remote 9.82. Tried target Macs running 10.8/9/10 and all fail just rebooting back to the Startup Disk. Our Netboot is r...  View more

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Apple ID install.

Is there a way to install an Apple ID onto more than one device using apple apple configurator or at all? I have a few iPads and don't want to have to go and put apple IDs on all of them individually. Mike  View more

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9.82 Java Plugin not loading

Hi We've just upgraded to 9.82 and now our custom Java plugin is not loading. I've tried removing our plugin and testing with the example code, but none of the event notifications are showing as registering in the log. Has anyone else seen this, or h...  View more

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Messed up self service...

Hello Folks, So we have had a branded self service running for over a year and people love it. Today, we updated to JSS 9.9 and right after we knew it was humming along happily, I went into the normal process of changing the one file, loginLogo in th...  View more

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400 Error when clicking on Management Settings

Basically what the title says. After updating to 9.9, and a server restart, I now can not get to Management Settings (from local admin or LDAP). and i also notice that Tomcat is using a lot of system resources too. Windows 2012 R2 server.  View more

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Cisco ISE Integration

Hey All, Wondering if anyone has setup Cisco ISE Integration with Jamf? Seems pretty striaght forward, however im confused how ISE talks with my cloud hosted JSS? Please share any useful knowledge! Thanks!  View more

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Casper Suite 9.9 now available

Today we released Casper Suite 9.9, adding new features for iOS 9.3, improved OS X pre-stage deployment, and more. Check out the release notes in My Assets. For customers running their JSS on Windows Server, we’ve also updated the Windows JSS install...  View more

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Updating Policy Scope using the API

Hi Everyone, I've been working on a script, in Powershell, to create what we call a support area using the API. I know you're probably wondering why I'm using powershell so I will get that out of the way. Long story short, we are working on a Powersh...  View more

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Automatic WiFi Username/Password App - Ideas? Help?

Hello I currently work for a school district with about 600 iPads. Our iPads our connected through our PEAP network. iPads randomly are having issues where they get disconnected from the network and once disconnected, it is requesting a password. Sin...  View more

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OT: Very small Mac deployment suggestions

I wasn't sure if this would be an ideal place to post something like this or if theres another forum JAMF users use specifically. But its been a while since I've had to manage a small Mac set-up by hand, I have an opportunity to help a company they'r...  View more

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Slow directory listing over VPN?

Hopefully someone here has seen an issue like this. If not, maybe you can commiserate with me... We use Sonicwall Mobile Connect client on our Macbook Pros to connect to a Sonicwall SSL VPN appliance on site to provide remote access to our file serve...  View more

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Java 8 Update 77 & Safari security settings.

Hi, just curious if anyone else has had issues with the latest Java update playing nice with particular Safari settings. We have our plugins on certain accounts set to ask for permission to run for security, and with Update 77 installed the "Do you w...  View more

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looking at jamf process

Interesting discovery I'm trying to make sense of... /bin/ps auxw |/usr/bin/grep -i jamf|/usr/bin/grep -v grep When executed via the JSS in a policy, I see three processes, Result of command: root 70888 14.3 0.1 2549492 17736 ?? Ss 1:10PM 0:00.23 /us...  View more

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User Template Replacement for El Capitan

Hey all, For making images, we often like to set up one user and apply all preferences to any user that may sign in with their AD account going forward. In the past, we've been applying the preferences to the User Template and it has worked beautiful...  View more

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