Outlook 2016 15.37 (170815) - Disappearing Folders?

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Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I have tried installing Outlook 15.37 twice now and have experienced the same bug both times. The Folder panel in the Main Window is blank. I have to click around randomly to find the Sent folder or any or the folders I have created to file email or the Inboxes for the other accounts I monitor. When this ocurred with the Slow pre-release, I first tried wiping caches and resetting preferences to no avail. Then I created a new Profile and re-synched with Exchange (also 2016). This time, the folders were there until I closed Outlook, but when I reopened it - poof. Gone. Finally, I completely uninstalled Office, wiping all settings, plists, support files, and the three Group Containers folders. I reinstalled Outlook, patched to 15.36 (but 15.37), re-synched with Exchange and went on my merry way, figuring that Microsoft would have the bug patched by the time of the actual release.

The release came yesterday. I installed it this morning. The folders disappeared on queue.

When I contacted Microsoft Support, they recommended I reset my settings. I had already done that before, but what the heck. Definition of insanity and all that. I did it again. The problem remains.

Seriously, am I the only one who has experienced this bug?~[upload(7f0b39d311ec4a3882422e0ae5d78ab2]


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mine has been fine, but I'm using o365 (cloud servers) for my main corporate email, and Exchange 2010 for some shared mailboxes.

Didn't run insider slow, only the final release yesterday.