Package Checksums


I'm having an issue where my package installs are failing due to a validation error.  Can anyone shed some light on the checksum calculation and verification process?  I've tried several tools, openssl, md5, shasum, etc.  None of these generate the same checksum that is shown in Jamf Admin.

I'm running 10.33 on-prem.



Update -- It appears the Checksum shown in Jamf Admin is a SHA512 hash.    Still not sure why verifications are failing though.

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In Jamf Admin, if you right click your package and select Calculate Selected Package Checksum. What result do you get? Also, if you go to your Jamf Settings-->Computer Management-->Security. What is set for package validation?

That's not the issue, turns out it was classic User (me) error.  The distribution points in my test environment are configured slightly different from production and I was forgetting to sync them. 😅 Once I did that things started working as expected.

There you go, problem solved. I'm glad you figured it out.