Package installation error. What is this??

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I've seen this error happen time to time on installation packages, what is the problem? it was fine before.

Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is Pharos Popup Client
installer: Installing at base path /
installer: The install failed. (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. The package is attempting to install content to the system volume.)


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Could the package be trying to write to a read-only area of the system volume? A SIP area or the new SSV area?

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It's probably time to get a new version of the installer. The error is pretty clear, and in macOS Catalina and later the system volume is read only so it should be a consistent failure except on Mojave or older systems.

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I'm not get in these types of errors when I'm installing other types of applications like Adobe acrobat reader things like that they're installing fine.

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@tcandela I agree a new installer is needed. Even if Adobe Acrobat or other installers may function that doesn't mean the Pharos one will behave exactly the same. Since Pharos is a print accounting tool/system it's most likely trying to lay a binary down in /System somewhere and any 10.15+ client will tell you to pound sand. I'd download Suspicious Package and take a gander at the installer.

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I'm having the same error.  The installer was an .app file, so I used Composer to create a .pkg.  Tested and failed on Catalina and Big Sur.  The .app installer ran OK on the Composer machine (Big Sur) - I just had to approve installation from an unidentified developer.