Packaging Adobe CC 2017 / preventing Adobe Sign-In

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We've got around 100 device licences for Adobe CC 2017, which at the moment we deploy manually via a package built from CCP (as was done with 2015).

What's the best way to package this up for deployment? I'm keen to get our guys to able to do this without the need to manually copy 4gb of install files across the network- but previous bad experiences of attempting to do this with Adobe software makes me nervous!

Also, has anybody managed to get rid of the intrusive data-harvesting that Adobe insist on before allowing you to use the software? Our users don't want to sign up for an Adobe account, nor do we want them to have to. I don't recall this happening with the 2015 version of CC...



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Yup! ...
ADOBE/.... !!!!@!@!

I take it that you have an enterprise licence??
Package using CC packager using a serial number licence??, make sure you uncheck the "creative Cloud desktop application" (see attached")2f341ec44f6e4a6585775036aa91a237

Zipped when uploading to JSS.
No other way but to cache it to devices, then install cached...

It's ADOBE :-((((( after all...

Good luck mate!