Parental Controls/Monitoring

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Some of the parents of our 1:1 iPad Program are concerned about their child's use of the iPad. We obviously have filtering/firewall/policies/restricted apps/etc... in place. However, the parents would still like to see how much screen time the kids are spending on each app. iOS 12 looks promising in this sense on an individual level but not on the organizational/mass scale.

Apps like (Mobicip, Screentime, NetNanny) are what the parents are suggesting we use but I am looking for more of a reporting tool rather than a tool that gives them control.

Looking for any suggestions, comments, tips! Thank you!


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I am looking for the same type of information.

I am looking for other high schools that have a 1:1 program with iPads that I can talk to about how you handle restrictions and parental control vs monitoring use and using discipline to modify behavior. Specifically “playing games or watching YouTube instead of studying” and “monitoring/ blocking websites at home.”

I feel good about what we do, but want to hear from and discuss what others are doing just to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our students and parents in the best way possible.

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Think twice before getting Mobicip - it has been a nightmare to setup. It works as a Global Proxy but it makes Self Service not work and locks up Safari. JAMF support tried to fix it and Mobicip support is terrible. I have sent dozens of emails and they never respond or call with simple instructions that I have already tried. We paid $1400 for a product that has not worked since school started in August. I have reached out again to Mobicip to see if they can generate am "in-house" app - waiting to see if they will respond.