Password change for local Acoount

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I recently took a new position as the technology Director for a school district. In the past Open Directory has been used to for all account but just recently the server running it has started to fail. The new year the plan is to use local account for all students and teachers.

It has been request that the teachers and staff be allows to change the password on the machine instead of using the one provided from IT.

I know it would be easier to stay with the OD but I don't think it will be in the cards the new year so I need options to allow staff to change the password.

The computers have a local admin set in Jamf but the local user will not be know until the system is handed to the user. Is there a way to have a script prompt for password reset for non local admins? My other option is to have a app/script run from self service that will run a script for the current logged in user that at next login with prompt user for a new password - This would be restricted to staff only.

Any help is greatly appreciated


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Our new Security Team wants to set up something like this as a temporary fix before JAMF Connect. 

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