Patch management definition for App Store app - Tailscale

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Is there anyway to add a PM definition ourselves or we depends on Jamf?

Application: Tailscale

App URL:

The app is installed from App Store.


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Patch Management won’t update apps from the App Store, but you can use it for reporting.

To add your own Patch Management title, you’d use the Title Editor service, which requires Jamf Cloud.

Actually, you can repackage Mac App Store application and use jamf patch management and manage updates. I doing it with many applications both Jamf Pro patch management and software not supported via Title Editor

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Thank you @uurazzle for your suggestion.

We don't push/force any updates, either the software update itself automatically or the user do it themselves.

We just want to track the versions users have installed.

Thank you @talkingmoose .

After few trial and error got TitleEditor setup and working; and think I got a taste of Patch Definition maintenance process at Jamf :) 

Created Software Title for Tailscale with

Requirement: Application Bundle ID = io.tailscale.ipn.macos, Current Version = 1.34.2

Patches: one with version 1.34.2


Not sure what I did incorrectly, but Patch Management -> Tailscale -> Patch Report is showing that all devices are running latest version (1.34.2) but can confirm (both by looking individually in Jamf and Tailscale admin interface) that there are multiple devices running older versions.

Any suggestion?


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Found my issue!

On the Criteria tab for a Patch I had only the BundleID. After reading carefully, noticed that it says, "Criteria used to determine which computers in your environment have this patch version installed.".

So added another criteria "and" "Application Version" "is" which caused Patch Report to correctly detect what version a device is running.


@channy-cl not sure if you had seen this page or not

This is the documentation page that contains the info that you need to not only use Title Editor to create and update a patch definition, it also contains a link to the training video on how to use Title Editor to create a patch definition (under the Jamf Resources header).

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Thank you Justin for the link. Yes, followed the doc when suggested by @talkingmoose and was able to set up a software title. However, now investigating why Patch Management -> Tailscale -> Patch Report is showing that all devices are running latest version (1.34.2) when we definitely have devices running older versions; any guidance on this issue will be really helpful.

Also, not critical but I could not find any video link on any page of the doc. If you have a page or video link please do share.