Patch management not updating

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Hi all, I have been getting a headache with patch management. I have tried to update adobe acrobat reader, and google chrome on two different machines. I have downloaded the recent update from the 3rd party site as well as from jamf's 3rd party product site. I click the patch in self service and I either get "error" or "finished" but upon inspect the version, it failed to update and the patch reappears in self service acknowledging the out of date software.

I called jamf support and they told me they weren't able to help at the moment and opened a case. Has anyone else experienced this? And can someone please help??


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So after 3 days of email with jamf support, their solution was to install the software locally and repackage it in composer. They said that the file being a dmg was the issue as there is no direction for the install. I was able to get this to work most of the time and find scripts to update other applications locally on the machine. Kind of a half hazard solution but at least I am getting my software updated.

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@Tjernigan Thanks, I only use Patch for quick reporting on Chrome and to alert me of new versions in case I miss the email from Google. We will hopefully be allowed to move to autoupdates soon. Then I can pretty much forget about it except for stragglers.