Patching Mojave with netSUS - Only offers latest patches?

New Contributor III

We just noticed that our Mojave machines haven't been updating with netSUS. Originally, we thought it was maybe an SSL issue, but it's actually something going on with the OS/Patch versions.

Say we have a 10.14.0 - brand new computer that wants to check in for updates.

Our netSUS has 10.14.4 checked, but 10.14.5 is available and unchecked (we do have a couple of packages that were released after 10.14.5 checked)

On the computer, if i run a systemupdate -l, it will not show me that 10.14.4 is available and often reports that there are no updates available (or something like itunes, etc.)

As soon as I enable 10.14.5, running systemupdate -l will show the 10.14.5 patch is available.

Now... is there something that gets loaded onto the system that determines which patch a computer should accept? Is it one of the other packages/updates? Seems kind of odd that it won't just update to 10.14.4, which is an approved update.