“Pausing” initial Jamf Pro inventory collection

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While recently testing a fresh enrollment of macOS Catalina 10.15.7 to ensure we’re still making it easy for our remaining stragglers to upgrade to macOS Monterey 12, I was focusing on our client-side logs and was surprised by the number of executions for our custom Update Inventory script.

After re-watching William Smith’s recent Speed Dating for Mac Admins, I felt inspired to reduce the number of inventory collections, based on when the computer was enrolled (i.e., when .AppleSetupDone was created).

We’re leveraging swiftDialog and Setup Your Mac for our post-enrollment policies. Several of the polices called while the Mac is being setup are reused if something goes sideways later on and they include our custom Update Inventory script.

However, inventory needs to be collected only once post-enrollment — as the final step — not each time a policy is executed (and nearly all of our policies include the script to update inventory).

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Like the subject says folks I am looking for a nice reboot script that pops up and says its doing something then reboots the computer. Our users are students ranging from JR high to High School and facility. They do not reboot their computer and come in and ask us why is this not working? I want to have something in Self Service that they can run for example "techfixit" and the computer reboots thoughts does anyone else do something like this?

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@dan-snelson My approach is to not do a "standard" enrollment for older macOS versions. The EnrollmentComplete policy that's triggered for our production PreStage varies based on the version of macOS being reported and the processor architecture. Now that Monterey is the only version of macOS approved in our environment anyone enrolling with an older version of macOS will find their Mac running https://github.com/grahampugh/erase-install to re-image with Monterey instead of the usual device configuration policy. For users who try to prevent the re-image there's a LaunchDaemon & script installed before erase-install is called which will continually notify the user they're not running an approved version of macOS and provides a Self Service link to a Monterey re-image policy.