persistent Self Service notifications

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Hey there,

I have the problem that notifications in Self Service (new version of an app available) reappear after a computer restart - how can I prevent this from happening? I have already deleted the messages in Self Service, but they still reappear after a computer restart. WWhat can I do to stop these batch notifications from appearing?What can I do to stop these batch notifications from appearing? The tips found here with terminal commands, for example, did not work.

Thank you!


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We need a bit more context on this one. Have you told the user to install the new version of the application? JAMF is likely seeing it has not been installed and prompting the user again. Myself I usually force update applications I need to maintain and dont involve the user.

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i just updated the package of a browser, you have the option to notify the users about the new version - in my opinion it´s a smooth option. as shown in the screenshots, every time i restart the computer the notification batch appears again...