Phantom SMB Share Navigation... Jumping back to root of the folder?

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Hey fellow Jamfinators!

We're having a weird problem with our mac install base whereby a large amount of people who are using their machine day to day for connecting to windows server hosted SMB shares keep getting their navigation messed up. They could be working on this server, 10 subfolders deep when out of the blue, they are back at the root of the folder. We're not really sure where to start on this one as it just seems to be navigating itself as if someone had pressed a "jump to home" button. Could it be a connection problem?

All of these devices are new Macbook pro models running 10.12.6. We aren't able to push them to 10.13.4 or higher as we use displaylink technology which we all know doesn't work in 10.13.4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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This is a really common problem, particularly with large file servers, with complex (deep) folder structures.

It can often be a timeout issue, so the first thing you may want to try is disabling packet signing with:


printf "[default]
" > /etc/nsmb.conf

Failing that, have a look at what options are available on the server and configured on the client with smbutil statshares