Pharos Notify & Popup issue on Monterey 12.5.1

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Pharos Notify & Popup issue on Monterey 12.5.1

This software has worked darn near flawlessly until now(hasn't been updated since 2018?).  Even though the Firewall is set correctly, neither of the Pharos components(Popup & Notify) can communicate with the server for whatever reason.

Screenshot attached(Well, I don't have 'permission' to add graphics?). :-p 




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You ever figure this out?  I am troubleshooting installing Pharos on Ventura.  I found that if I install it as local admin it is fine.  If I install it using jamf, the launchdaemon is not present. If I toggle the Pharos login item in system settings, the launchdaemons starts fine.

Trying to figure out how to automate that. I gave the same info to Pharos, and they have not been able to help.