Policy Deferral not working after some time.

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Hi, jamf nation community!
We have a policy hat updates Mac OS X up to the latest minor version based on the extension attribute. To prevent issues with meetings and some crucial tasks, people can defer updates for up to 2 days. Then they will see a notification about restart in 2 minutes. And it worked ok with 10.15.5. But today, a lot of my users were just notified about restart and nothing more. I assume that with the previous update, they deferred the policy to 2 days.
Is there any tricky point on how I should clean this deferral counter?
Or maybe I am missing something?


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Same thing happened to us today. The update policy has been working fine with deferral options for the past 2 months, but then today users just got notified that a restart was about to take place. Any one else had this or understand why it might happen?