Policy stuck at "Pending"

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I have a very simple policy that calls a SMB mount script for a specific computer. It runs ongoing at login.

According to the JSS, the Policy is stuck in a "Pending" state.

The computer shows up in the correct Policy criteria (A specific Dept in this case). The JSS shws the Mac is in the correct Smart Groups/Policies etc.

The script itself can be ran manually outside of the Policy just fine. The script is rock-solid and runs on other systems (with different Dept criteria and different drive variables)

I mocked-up an IT test Mac with the same Dept Smart Groups, and Policy, etc and the Policy runs perfect every time.

If I manually force the Policy to run over SSH (via sudo jamf policy -id xxx) it runs, but I get a failure in the JSS logs:

"28:74: execution error: Finder got an error: Application isn’t running. (-600)" But the Finder is running."

(The bash script calls a AppleScript to do the 'heavy lifting' of the mounting to /Volumes mount point)

So it appears that one specific Mac is choking on the Policy. Cant figure out why.

The computer is brand new. Fresh image from Capser Imaging (9.8.1). The computer is checking in to JSS and updating inventory fine. Other policies are working too. I can send packages and scripts to it via Capser Remote also.

Any thoughts on what would make this computer different? Why would it appear as "Pending"?


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I removed the JAMF client & framework and re-enrolled into JAMF and the client is responding and obeying Policies now. Weird.

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Keep us posted @dstranathan, I see this behavior sometimes and I think it's related to some weirdness with the computer record in the JSS.

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I haven't see the issue again on any of my ~250 Macs. Removing the client & framework (and then re-enrolling via QuickAdd over ARD) seemed to haved "fixed" it.

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Hi @dstranathan I am having the same problem, but not necessarily have access to the user's machine so re-enrolling might not be an option now.
Btw, where can I find a policy's ID so I can run sudo jamf policy -id xxx ?

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Navigate to the policy in JAMF and then look at the url, the policy id is in the url. (Ex. https://jssurl:8443/policies.html?id=43&o=r).

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I've been dealing with issues like this off-and-on for months, though my policies are recurring checkin (once per computer) and not login. I initially had a series of policies that I wanted to run to install software updates, and some would run but some would just stay Pending. At the time it looked like the problem was that I had a different ongoing recurring checkin policy (that was checking how long the computer had been idle and restarting if it was over 6 hours) that was breaking the flow alphabetically. So I'd have:

Adobe Update (which ran and completed)
Citrix Update (which ran and completed)
Restart Policy (which ran and failed because it hadn't been idle for 6 hours)
Skype Update (which stayed at Pending, in one case for 3 days before it started running)

I changed the name of the Restart Policy to zzRestart Policy and it seemed to work (since alphabetically it would run after the other policies), then last night problems started happening again, though with a slightly different problem. Now the updates ran on 24 out of 49 computers, but the other 25 are all stuck at Pending. I'm working with Jamf Support now, not sure if @adria.prado 's issue is the same or similar but if I find anything else out I'll let you know.