Policy to add machine to Static Group or Smart Group

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How would i go about setting a policy to add a machine to a Static/Smart Group? I have a config profile that i want to offer in Self Service, so i'd like to scope that profile to a specific static group. I'd like the policy to basically add the machine that calls it from Self Service to the Static Group.

Of course, i'm probably thinking about this all wrong. Is there a better way to scope config profiles?

Edit: I was thinking to maybe create two policies, one to add to smart group and one to remove. Have the add policy touch a file somewhere, have the remove policy remove the file. Have an EA search for that file and a smart group to look at that EA. Have the add policy scoped to machines that don't have that file and the remove policy set to those that do. Make both of those policies available in SS. This seems wildly over complicated, but it might do the trick.


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So, Im searching through JamfNation posts for this exact thing. We set the background image using a config profile. CIO wants staff to be able to choose a background image out of a set of preapproved images via Self Service. I can deliver all the images with a policy. 
The issue is - How do we remove a Config profile, and add a config profile via Self Service? 
Did you ever figure anything out? (or anyone else...?)