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Is it possible to set the default site with User-Initiated Enrollment? I'd rather it not be 'None' as i seem to get enrollments coming in with 'None' as their site. I've only have two sites and one is my lab deployments, so they would never use UIE a...
Is anyone dealing with an O365 rollout in an organization that has the above mentioned restrictions? If so, are you requiring MDM enrollment on any device that wishes to use the native O365 apps like Outlook? If so, has your organization chosen an MD...
I have a bunch of iMac14,1 and MacBookPro11,1 models where some are having regular kernel panics almost once per day. Reading thru the kernel panic logs, i'm finding that they're all very similar and seem to point to the graphics card and
Some users are getting a notification that MS Error Reporting needs an update. I've downloaded the package and set it to install via policy. But the policy fails to install. Anyone having issues with this?
Here's a script to uninstall flash using Adobe's uninstaller app. I am borrowing heavily from @peterloobuyck's great flash updater script. Unfortunately, it won't notify the user to close their web browser. Not sure how much that matters. If you know...