Poll: BYOD Versus Company/School-Provided iOS Devices?

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Just curious...

How many of you purchase/deploy/manage iOS devices for your employees?

How many of you support BYOD but do NOT purchase mobile devices for employees?

For those of you supporting BYOD only, do you require MDM management for business-related apps/data or is it the will-wild west in terms of apps and data?


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No BYOD here, but we're .gov, so not expecting it any time soon.

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We do both. For our BYO users, they get access with Blackberry Work (formerly Good for Enterprise) and it's family of apps. The apps get containerized with restrictions, so company data can't be copied out of the app. FWIW it's the same practice with corp purchase iOS devices but we do apply an MDM to them for additional restrictions.

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