Poll: JSS on Linux in Hyper-V

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Is anyone running the JSS on Linux (any distro) in a Hyper-V VM? Or even tried it? Trying to find out what people's experience is with such a configuration. Did it work (well)? Any gotchas? Any guidance is appreciated.


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I did some basic testing on a home lab with 8.71 running on Cent OS or Ubuntu. I took the lab down so I can't recall which, but I didn't have any show stopping issue. I went back to ESXi just because I'm more familiar with that.

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I have my JSS in Windows 2012, but running Ubuntu in general has worked pretty well as the 3.0 kernel has the Hyper-V support built in. I would just make sure not to use either the dynamic memory or vhd. I don't think the dynamic memory really works at all and the dynamic disk tends to balloon over time and is tricky to slim back down.

My VM for Aerohive's HiveManager (CentOS under the hood) had a dynamically expanding disk that started at 10GB and grew to 120GB after 3 months with little change in the actual database size. It would grow after every software update and database backup. I've been running Hyper-V since January and its been pretty solid other than that.