Possible Bug either JAMF or Yosemite?


I have been working with JAMF support trying to figure out if there is a bug in 9.62 or Yosemite. I would love if other people try this to see if their system reacts differently.

Issue at hand:
Create a Configuration Profile for Passcode.
--Check -- Require alphanumeric value
--Mini Pass length = 8
--Min complex = 1
--Max age = 150

When the configuration profile gets applied to 10.10.x machines and a few 10.9.5 machines, what occurs is:

Background: Log on user is a local admin
Logged on User cannot change this password. Get message "Password does not meet requirements...." even though the password meets the requirements.
Logged on User cannot change Another Users password. Get message "Reset Password Failed."

If you then change the Config Profile and uncheck "Require alphanumeric value" and reapply the profile. The logged on user should be able to reset the passwords with or without Alphanumeric.

Please test to see if this is only my environment or is it Yosemite wide.


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I've had this issue as well with enforcing a password on Yosemite

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Same thing. No idea who's bug it is but the passcode profile for OS doesn't work.


Thanks for checking Dr_Jones and kyle.Jackson

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I faced the exact issue when I rolled out the Passcode Profile to the Mac.
The User get a password reset screen. On trying to reset password user get "Your password does not meet the requirements of the server" message, even though the password being set strictly meets the requirement.
If I exclude the user from the profile, he is able to reset the password and log-in successfully.

Has anyone Solved this problem ?