Possible for newb to pass all 3 training classes within a year?

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I’m looking into purchasing a JAMF training training pass but was wondering if a newb like myself without scripting experience may be able to pass all three classes within the year? I will also be getting some hands on experience from my employer.

I suppose if anything I can save $500.00 if I pass the first two classes but of course a $3000.00 savings is much more appealing and worthwhile. Any input is appreciated, thanks.


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I feel like it's easily doable if you make sure you are practicing what you learned in each of them before taking the next one. I didn't know much going into the CCT (now Jamf 200) course, and I believe I passed that, the CCA (Jamf 300) and then Jamf 400 within a year and a half if my memory serves me correctly. I probably could have done it sooner, but my organization provides a limited travel budget each year.

By far the hardest one will be the 400. You're going to want to get as much hands on experience with Jamf and managing an environment as you can before taking that course.

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I think your experience with Jamf in general would be more of a stumbling block than your lack of scripting knowledge. Having said that it is totally doable if you pick up things quickly and spend some time before and during familiarizing yourself with as much as you can. There is a lot of information available here and other sites as well as the Jamf 100 series videos. Wouldn't be a bad idea to join the jamfnation and macadmins slack channels if you haven't already.

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@el.pablo I did all 4 of the previous generation courses in 9 months, so it is possible (I paid for my own training pass so I only had the 1 year window). I would recommend having at least 6 months of hands on experience before you start. I would definitely recommend you study up on scripting and the Jamf API. Looking at scripts posted on Jamf Nation, or in GitHub repositories mentioned on Jamf Nation are excellent resources for that.


Startet in October 2018 with Jamf experience and did the 200 and 300 within some months and Mac experience about 5 years. Now missing the 400 that should be quite hard and only 20% should make the first time. But overall 1 year should be enough to make all levels - I actually might thinking of taking 300 again later, as there was quite some good things

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You could possibly pull it off but what is your experience with the mac operating system? I think that’s really important to have since some people think that if they can navigate the jamf pro GUI that they will do good but you need to know the OS pretty good. Jamf is a Formula 1 car, how great is that car without a good driver?

All in all it is possible if you put in the time and dedication. There’s also a lot of documentation and resources you can learn from.

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Thanks for all the responses! It's encouraging to know that it's feasible for someone like me to accomplish with some hard work. I'm a newb to JAMF and scripting but have been doing Mac tech support for many years so am well versed with the OS generally speaking.

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An old topic, but to do the Jamf 400 you really need to have scripting and API under control. It is building script from scratch and I think it is 80% of the 4 days is about making script, Api, Loops etc.

You should have been using this daily to pass this test first time is my guess. Just as normal admin you will have to redo it, but overall it is a nice course where you really need to use your head, so think I could take the course 3-4 times and still learn. and if training pass it is no issue