Postpone Configuration Profiles on re-enrollment

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I want to seek for some feedback or ideas on how we can delay a Configuration Profile if a device re-enrolls into Jamf?

Szenario: We have a Profile we want to postpone for a certain time. For a new enrollment this is not a issue as we check against the computer name to be in a specific format what we do with a script in Jamf.

For re-enrollments this device name is already changed to our format and Config Profiles are pushed prior the device is fully enrolled to Jamf.

Any idea how this can be postponed until a certain stage?


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@maik.sanftenberg If you have the "Clear extension attribute values on computers and mobile devices" item enabled in the Re-enrollment settings of your JSS you could use an EA that's set in the final stage of your enrollment process to scope the deployment of the Configuration Profile.