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I want to create some very simple rapport with powerbi Desktop application. I found Jamf video´s on this


They cover mainly computer, and I look to make a dashboard for software applications. Like A pie chart with how many devices are are latest OS version etc.

I have really not knowledge on Powerbi, so wonder if anyone can explain me what I should select. If I select the applications name and version like below, I got all applications and version. But how to I create a rapport only for specific applications like OS, Chrome etc



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First you need a list of all applications and their Versions as well as a count of Computers as  (eg using their name, serial or Jamf ID ), then you put a filter on your list to only display the applications you want. This filtered list can be turned into a Chart.

For OS it's different since it's not an application. The OS is stored in the field computerdetails.os_version. Grab this field and a count of computers (again using name, serial or jamf id).

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I don´t know what I miss - but I guess I am quite close. 

So I have selected all photoshop versions and my goal is actually to show how many clients run Photoshop 2022 22.4.3 and 22.5.0 etc.

So actually in the one screenshot I actually have the information, but  when selecting "count" it just shows overall how many Photoshop 2022 I have - where I want to have each version information so I can see that like 5 clients are running 22.5.0, 10 clients 22.4.0 etc



The count shouldn't be on the Version, but on Computers, so you'll need the add the Computer name or ID and set this to count. So drag in the ID from the Table Computers (might also work with the ID from the Computer - Applications Table). 

If Power BI can't make a connection between the data from the Computer Table and the Applications Table, then you need to setup a relation between these first. 

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Yes I figured it out. The last thing I don´t know how to change is the order of the versions. How can I change it so they don´t jump arround in different versions



I'm afraid i cant help you with that. Thats an issue i am battling with myself.