PowerPoint + Airplay = stuck mouse cursor

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Hey everyone,
I’m having a really strange issue with PowerPoint and AirPlay. When one of my users ends a PowerPoint show, the mouse cursor is stuck on the left quarter of the screen. If I stop AirPlaying everything goes back to normal. Google hasn’t turned up too much unfortunately! Anyone else see this?

EDIT: If anyone else stumbles into this issue, if you have the display scaling set to "best for (AirPlay device)" itll happen. Change the display scaling to "best for built in display" and itll work like normal.


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YES!! This is driving me crazy. PowerPoint has a setting to automatically launch presentations on dual screens so it extends the monitor during the presentation and then goes back to mirrored after the presentation is ended. Is this a new bug with Airplay in Catalina? My CEO is looking for a fix. I think the best suggestion right now might be to change to extended mode when connecting to Airplay and then start the presentation so it doesn't revert to mirrored afterwards and hijack the mouse. Can't find anything else online about this issue. I could change the setting in PowerPoint but don't think I should have to.

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Sorry for the late reply on this @Andbir61577 but my fix was to connect via airplay, then go into system preferences, and change the display scaling to "best for built in display". poof, issue gone! Ive been having this issue since HS unfortunately.

As far as not being able to find anything online, same here! i found one reply to a forum post somewhere that led me down this path of trial and error.