PPPC autofire on application install


I have a PPPC for an application (Read&Write for Mac), that sets some privacy settings for the app so the users don't have to.

I have a smart group created that checks to see if that app is installed, if so add them to the group

I have a Configuration profile that includes the PPPC and it is scoped out to the smart group.

Is there another way to force the PPPC to install instead of waiting for the smart group to update?



Also, for the life of me I cannot get Read&Write.app to get added to the dock with dock items. I have tried substituting the & with %26 as in the following;
and just plain old

Cannot see the app in Jamf Admin to be able to add it there either. It really doesn't like the & in the filename.

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@jcalvert If your main goal is speed, the fastest way to get any PPPC profile on a Mac is to scope the profile to the presence of the Jamf-supplied PPPC whitelisting profile. That will ensure the app gets whitelisted upon first login after the update to Mojave (or first login if the Mac shipped with Mojave). Users that don't use the app will get the profile, but the existence of the profile without the app installed doesn't "hurt" anything.