PPPC For Cisco Webex Meetings

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I am running into an issue with a user that can't allow screen sharing, as I can RDP in due to accessibility's being disabled. I looked to the forms to see if I could find the PPPC for it.

I did find something identifier "com.webex.meetingmanager" and anchor apple generic and certificate 1(field.1.2.840.113635.]/" exists */ and
certificate leafield.1.2.840.113635.100.6.113]/" exists / and certificate leaf{subject.OU] = DE8Y96K9QP

However after pushing it I came back with this error 
In the payload (UUID: 09DDCCB5-B571-4155-A60A-2229A4BD14DD), the key 'CodeRequirement' has an invalid value.

Anyone able to assist me or point me to where I went wrong?


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@AntB I don't know if the forum software didn't display your Code Requirements data correctly, or if what's posted is exactly what you have in your Configuration Profile settings, but if it's the latter your data is mangled (some examples: "1(field" should be "1[field", "/" exists" should be "/* exists", "leafield" should be "leaf[field", "/" exists /" should be "/* exists */", "leaf{subject.OU]" should be "leaf[subject.OU]", and usually the DE8Y96K9QP would be quoted as "DE8Y96K9QP"

Go back and look at where you got that info from to verify.

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Gotcha going to go review thanks for the assistance.