PPPC for Wacom drivers (again)


Greetings all,

We're getting our Fall builds ready, and again I am facing the issue of automating the software installation for the Wacom tablets in our Industrial Design (17 Cintiq 27" panels) and Multimedia (10 Wacom 12" LCD tablets) labs.  I'd really like to not have to walk around to each one of these to individually allow the permissions they need (which is Wacom Technical Support's position).
Does anyone have, or know of, a way to automate this, particularly in Jamf Pro, but I'll take anything.  We are running Big Sur on a variety of Mac types, but no M1's have Wacoms hooked to them yet.  There were a variety of suggestions in Jamf Nation last year, but most of them were for Mojave and we were unable to get them to work successfully in Catalina.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.