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We are attempting to build a compliance dashboard for senior leadership. One of the top compliance items is that macOS be up to date. That criterion is defined as that the endpoint must be on the latest patch and version of macOS within 30 days of re...
Greetings all,It is documented in the Jamf Connect manual that Jamf Connect will lose its control over the login process after a system upgrade. It shows issuing the authchanger command to re-establish the control. We don't have control (at this poin...
Greetings all, Is the Jamf Startup Script supposed to overwrite local startup scripts that are set using the login/logouthook functionality at the loginwindow? One of our users has just possibly discovered an issue with this. He wants to use the hook...
Greetings all, We're getting our Fall builds ready, and again I am facing the issue of automating the software installation for the Wacom tablets in our Industrial Design (17 Cintiq 27" panels) and Multimedia (10 Wacom 12" LCD tablets) labs. I'd real...
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