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My current JAMF Server is starting to show its age, it is a 2011 Mac Mini Server. So as I start looking at a new server I figured I would as the nation what server platform you prefer and why. I manage around 300 devices.

Thanks for your input.


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It really comes down to preference on infrastructure.

We currently run 2 nodes on 2 Ubuntu boxes..

There are people that have run it on Mac Pro's

Personally i'd run it on a linux server, OSX hardware is not built as servers, no redundant nic's, no redundant power...

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Yes, it is an infrastructure preference. I have administered JSS environments on Mac OS X, Windows, and RedHat, and, in my case, it has always been a situation of what infrastructure was available.

It is important to have the enterprise redundancies that @rderewianko mentioned, probably more important than the platform.

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Love our MacPro running with a promise Pegasus 2 with thunderbolt 2 for the distribution point. Never missed a day of service since we bought it when it was originally released. The Mac pro does indeed have redundant nics and with 6 thunderbolt 2 ports can support 10gig ethernet adapters if you want the most throughput.
No it does not have redundant power supplies, however we also have another mac mini server, so not too worried about if it goes down.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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Once our XServe went out of warranty we moved to Windows servers. on both front and back end...both on Windows 2012 in a VSphere virtual environment. Never really had any issues.